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        Max Kremer (b. 1999, Houston, TX) is currently working in Houston, Texas. Kremer obtained his BFA from the University of Texas in 2022. He has worked with his father, Paul Kremer, as a studio assistant since 2017.

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Works out of Houston, TX





2022                 BFA with Minor in Art History from University of Texas, Austin, TX 



2023               Perfect Day, Reeves Art and Design, Houston, TX (solo) (

2022               Senior Art Exhibition, University of Texas, Austin, TX (group) (

                         Good In Tensions, Icosa, Austin TX (group) (  

                         For Ellen, Hardy and Nance Studios, Houston, TX (group) (

                         5 Artists 5 Rooms, Reeves Art and Design, Houston, TX (group) (

2021                A Good Moment, University of Texas, Austin, TX (group)

2020               Midas Touch, curated by Preston Douglas, Houston, TX (group) (

                          Pablove Texas Gallery Benefit, Pablove Foundation, Houston, TX (group)


2019                 Cliffhanger, Blank Check Gallery, Houston, TX (solo) 

                          Ham, London, "Max Kremer: Cliffhanger"  (, Glasstire, 2019, Events


2018                 Golden Rod, Bill’s Junk, Houston, TX (group)


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